Lord’s Day, February 16, 2014


DAILY?READINGS: Exodus 6:14 to 7:25; Psalm 37; Acts 2:22-47

Thou our God hast punished us less than our iniquities deserve. Ezra 9:13

What honesty! How different from Cain, the profane man who complained, “My punishment is greater than I can bear” (Gen. 4:13). Unlike Cain, every enlightened, repentant sinner knows that God has not punished him as he deserves, no matter what he has suffered (Ps. 103:10). There at Calvary the Lord Jesus was punished exactly and fully for what our sins deserve. He bore our sins in His own body on the tree, and divine punishment fell completely on Him, instead of on us. How we love the Lord Jesus for taking all the punishment our sins deserve and crying out, “It is finished!” (John 19:30). Who cannot find their tongue to say “thank you Lord” for all that!    —Carl Knott

Thank you Lord for giving to me,
Thy great salvation so rich and free. —S. & B. Sykes