More reviews for “According to Luke”

“According to Luke is an exceptionally valuable resource for reading and preaching the Third Gospel. David Gooding’s rare sense for narrative flow helps students and teachers see the wider context for each passage and makes this one of the best commentaries available for understanding the meaning of Luke.” —Dr Philip G. Ryken 

“Insightful comments and warm and piercing pastoral application are the features of this writing. I try only to have three commentaries with me in any series and in both Luke and Acts, David Gooding’s commentaries are part of the trio.” —David Cook 

“Professor Gooding’s exposition is a lively work, free from technicalities, in which he explains and vigorously applies its message for the contemporary reader. At the same time he throws fresh light on the way in which Luke constructed his gospel. Such a commentary does not go out of date.” —I Howard Marshall 

“The pages of this book contain the freshest and most insightful understanding of Luke’s gospel that I have read. I couldn’t recommend this book more highly.” —Rebecca Manley Pippert 

“Dr Gooding’s unique commentary on Luke is a masterpiece for modeling accurate biblical interpretation. I would love to put this commentary in the hands of every serious Bible student. It is a must-read book.” —Alexander Strauch 

“I have preached my way through Luke’s Gospel in church, in radio broadcasts and in international conventions, and always David Gooding’s commentary has been my first port of call when it comes to supportive resources.” —The Rev Prebendary Richard Bewes, OBE 

“When I ask the interpretative question ‘Why has Luke placed this text here, and how does it relate to the material around it?’ I always turn to Dr Gooding for help.” —Justin Mote 

Commendation of the first edition: 

“To this new exposition of the Gospel of Luke Dr Gooding brings a rare combination of gifts: spiritual insight, classical learning, and literary appreciation. The result is a fresh unfolding of Luke’s witness to Christ which the reader will find both heart-warming, informative and a pleasure to read. It gives me great pleasure to commend it unreservedly.” —F F Bruce

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Monday, March 24, 2014


DAILY?READINGS: Leviticus 1; Psalms 96-98; Acts 24:24 to 25:12

I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. Isaiah 41:10

None of us want to stumble. None of us want to be defeated. God’s hand is the only reliable support when we are fearful of falling or failing. It is the hand which flung the stars into space and keeps heaven and earth in orbit. His right hand is the symbol of power and skill. We are weak, but God’s upholding hand is omnipotent. Even the Devil cannot overpower us. We may fail, but we will never fall with His right hand upholding us. God is faithful to His promises, to His Son and to His own. There is no room for gloom with such security! —Milton Haack

Rejoice, ye saints! The time draws near,
When Christ will in the clouds appear,
And for His people call. —E. F. Miller