Thursday, October 29, 2015


DAILY?READINGS: 1 Chronicles 8-9; Ezekiel 11; John 3:22-36


Hath God forgotten to be gracious? hath he in anger shut up his tender mercies? Selah. And I said, this is my infirmity…  Psalm 77:9-10

The familiar groans of one’s conscience can be almost too much to bear. Crushed by repeated failures, we often wonder if we’ve over-extended our demands on God’s grace and mercy. No such thing, the psalmist cries! That’s just our own weakness talking. Do you doubt your acceptance with God? Has His patience run out? Be assured that this is the flesh talking, goaded by Satan’s accusations. As for your Lord, His ears and heart are open. —Rick Morse

I am content, for I know He is near me,
Keeping me pure by His wonderful grace,
Whispering words full of comfort to cheer me,
Lighting my soul with a glimpse of His face.
—A. Ackley