The Messiah and the Feasts of Israel (Bryan W. Sheldon)

The Messiah and the Feasts of Israel
By: Bryan W. Sheldon
Published by: Gospel Folio Press (2009)

“In this relatively small volume, Bryan Sheldon considers the Feasts of Jehovah in relation to Messiah, looking at them in detail and recognizing that they describe God’s prophetic calendar for the Hebrew nation and outline His plan of redemption. While the four springtime feasts have already been fulfilled, the autumn feasts still lie in the future. Of special significance to this age is that a period of indeterminate length separates the two.

“The great value of this book arises from the detailed research which the author has undertaken. Not only has he drawn his material from a careful study of the Old and New Testaments but he has also consulted Jewish writings. Such background information has served to enhance the biblical account and to illuminate the events recorded in the scriptures. The chapters are so arranged that the description of a feast is followed by a chapter which relates that feast to the experiences of the Messiah.

“It is well nigh impossible to read this book without being driven back to further study of the scriptures and to marvel again at the minute detail in which the Lord’s life so wonderfully fulfilled the prophecies about Him, as recorded for us in the Old Testament. It would be difficult to single out for special note any part of this work but attention must be drawn to the four chapters dealing with Messiah and the Passover. Here, geographical material and historical information combine to enrich these chapters and provide spiritual refreshment which will benefit all believers. While on the odd occasion one may quibble slightly over some minor point, the overall impact of this book will spur the reader to further study and appreciation of the word of God and also to move him to worship the One who is its theme.”

~Ed Hotchin, Hucknall, Nottingham, UK (Precious Seed Magazine, Volume 64, Issue 3, 2009)

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