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Here at Gospel Folio Press we have been working hard at publishing two new books – one brand new and one reprint!

faith_alone_b-1861Faith Alone
By: Paul Young

“You do not need a great faith, but faith in a great God.” Hudson Taylor

The word “faith” is so often subject to personal interpretations in our Western culture.  This book examines the biblical truth of faith in terms of its meaning and application.  The great people of God from the Old Testament as listed in Hebrews 11 reveal that the secret of success was their faith in the Lord.  This was not a vagueness but a relationship which tapped into God’s greatness and brought wonderful blessing.  That faith can be exercised today by true Christian believers.

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12_mysteries_b-1656The 12 Mysteries of Scripture
By: W. E. Vine

The following pages open up in a very helpful way the “Mysteries of Scripture.” – W. R. Lewis

The word “mystery” in Scripture does not denote that which is mysterious. Its meaning therefore differs from that of its current use in English. In Scripture, it denotes that which, being outside the range of unassisted natural apprehension, can be made known only by divine revelation, and is made known in a manner and at a time appointed by God, and to those only who are illumined by His Spirit. In the ordinary sense, a mystery implies knowledge withheld; its Scriptural significance is truth revealed. Hence, the terms especially associated with the subject are “made known,” “manifested,” “revealed,” “preached,” “understand,” “dispensation.”

This modest volume seeks to explain, and expand on, 12 mysteries in the Word of God.

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