Lord’s Day, December 3, 2017

DAILY READINGS: 2 Chronicles 33:1-25; Daniel 1:1-21; 1 John 3:1-24

For his great love wherewith he loved us. Ephesians 2:4
This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church. Ephesians 5:32

Here are two “greats” in the Ephesian epistle. The first is the greatness of God’s love for us, and the second is the greatness of God’s eternal union with us. How great is the Father’s love for us? Look at Calvary. How great is the Son’s love for us? Look at Calvary. Loved of the Father and wedded to His Son—what a great love and what a great mystery. —Sam Thorpe Jr.

Oh, love Him! For He loveth well;
Let Him with love thy spirit fill;
How much He loveth, none can tell,
And to the end He loveth still. —Horatius Bonar