Book Review: Escape from the Island of Occupation

Escape from the Island of Occupation (Children Fiction)Escape from the Island of Occupation
By: Robert Plant

Set in the island of Jersey during the early days of World War II, the story centres around a plot to capture Hitler on his first visit to the island after the German occupation. A young lad called Jerry, and his female accomplice, learn of this and decide to inform the British authorities 100 miles away across the Channel in the hope of ending the misery of the war and its effects on the island – but how? Some older people are enlisted to help with a boat and its equipment, there is an old outboard motor involved which eventually fails, a shipwreck, and a near-fatal landing on a mined beach, followed by a journey to Whitehall to brief the top brass, then an anticlimax! At times it is breathtaking, and you want to read on!

The story is well written in a style suitable for 7-11 year olds, but perhaps it matches better the interests of early teens; indeed, adults too will find it an absorbing and enjoyable read. The author makes good use of his knowledge of the geography of Jersey and its people, but the best thing about this book, from a Christian viewpoint, is how the Gospel message is so effectively woven into the story, seamlessly and gradually. Starting from a base of unfamiliarity with the Bible and no awareness of God, the storyline introduces the need for salvation and how it can be found through faith in Christ alone.

~ Book review Originally Published by Believer’s Bookshelf (June 2017) and written by Bert Cargill

** Also available: Return to the Island of Occupation

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