Monday, June 4, 2018

DAILY READINGS: Deut. 16:1-22; Song of Sol. 6:10-8:14; Luke 11:1-13

Wherein I suffer trouble, as an evil doer, even unto bonds; but the word of God is not bound. 2 Timothy 2:9

I recently read of believers sending balloons with God’s Word into North Korea. It reminded me again that God’s Word cannot be chained. No land can contain, stamp out, or prevent God’s Word from spreading. Similarly in prison Paul preached the same message as he did outside, only to a different audience. Though believers may be slandered or even unjustly imprisoned, their godly lives and words can still display Christ’s beauty. Whatever our circumstances, let us purpose to persevere for Him, even in our troubles showing that God’s Word is like an unchained lion. —George Ferrier

The Word of God is like a lion. You don’t have to defend a lion. All you have
to do is let the lion loose, and the lion will defend itself. —Charles Spurgeon