Wednesday, June 6, 2018

DAILY READINGS: Deut. 18:9-19:21; Joel 1:1-20; Luke 11:37-54

And the people stood beholding. Luke 23:35

Engraved into the footpath below the iconic Forth Railway Bridge, near Edinburgh, is the inscription “There it stands—complete, matchless—bearing silent witness to man’s skill, resource and indomitable  patience.” This bridge, the product of man’s design and skill, enables people to pass from one place to another. Those who stood by the cross of Jesus, whilst viewing the work of man’s vengeance, were also viewing the work of God’s grace in providing the means for us to pass from death to eternal life. Christ’s work on the cross is matchless and complete. God patiently waits for people to simply believe that Christ died for our sins. —Brian Powlesland

I brought my sins to Jesus, He cleansed them in His blood:
And in the cross of Jesus I found my peace with God. —F. Whitfield