Saturday, December 8, 2018

DAILY READINGS: Ezra 3:1-4:24; Daniel 5:1-31; Revelation 1:1-20

Rabbi, (which is to say, being interpreted, Master,) where dwellest thou? He saith unto them, Come and see. John 1:38-39
And Nathanael said unto him, Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth? Philip saith unto him, Come and see. John 1:46

Have you ever had an experience so magnificent that words alone could not possibly adequately describe the event. Sometimes it’s better to just say, “You’ve got to come and see this!”. Philip was a great evangelist bringing many people to Christ. His words were few, simply “Come and see.” If you are still not saved, there is an invitation that comes from the Lord Himself. Come and see! —Sid Halsband

Come and see, what Jesus did—when who I was, met who He is.
Come and behold, so you’ll believe, don’t take my word, just come and see. —Rodney Birch

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