February 27

DAILY READINGS: Exodus 18:1-27; Psalms 56:1-57:11; Acts 10:1-23

Owe no one anything… Romans 13:8

When we purchase things on credit, we owe money. When the total amount is paid, our debt is settled. But, the debt of sin, we owe to God! And no matter how hard and how many times we try; we can never settle our debt in full. It is only by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ and His shed blood, that our debt can be settled. He alone has the power to wipe our slates clean if we will confess our sins to Him. Have you had your debt paid? —Ken Gunnell

To Him I owe my life and breath, And all the joys I have;
He takes away the sting of death, Gives victory o’er the grave!
—S. Stennett