March 7

DAILY READINGS: Exodus 26:1-30; Psalms 70:1-71:24; Acts 15:1-21

Tell those who are invited…everything is ready. Come to the wedding feast. Matthew 22:4

This parable illustrates God’s invitation to anyone who hears— Come. To those who are still in their sins, He says come to me for salvation. His purposes for the day of grace will soon be accomplished and we will be called home to the marriage supper of the Lamb to meet our Bridegroom in person. Have you responded to His invitation to come for salvation? Come today. —Jim Pizzulli

While Jesus whispers to you, come, sinner, come!
While we are praying for you, come, sinner, come!
Now is the time to own Him: come, sinner, come!
Now is the time to know Him: come, sinner, come! —W. E. Witter