Thursday, March 21, 2019

Exodus 38:1-31; Psalms 90:1-91:16; Acts 22:22-23:11

My cup runneth over. Psalm 23:5

The believer’s cup is a cup of joy and blessing overflowing from the never-failing fountain of the Lord poured into it. A Christian saved from the depths of sin once said, “The Lord makes my cup and saucer to run over”. This is only because Christ drank that bitter cup, overflowing with God’s righteous wrath and judgement against our sins, which He drank to the full for you and me. Have you thanked Him for what He has done for you? —W. Ross Rainey

Death and the curse were in our cup— O Christ, ‘twas full for Thee!
But Thou hast drained the last dark drop, ‘Tis empty now for me.
That bitter cup—love drank it up; Left but the love for me. —Ann Ross Cousin