Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Numbers 26:52-27:23; Proverbs 23:12-35; Luke 1:57-80

He who is emasculated…shall not enter the assembly of the Lord. Deuteronomy 23:1, NKJV
The eunuch said…What hinders me to be baptized? Acts 8:36, NKJV

Upon a confession of faith—nothing! This devout man had drawn as close to God as the Law would allow. He had come to worship Him. All the way from Africa to Jerusalem’s temple. But now Philip pointed him to another place—a place of anguish, darkness and separation—a place of glory. There he found a Lamb whose work had torn the veil in two; whose blood could wash the foulest clean; a Lamb who opened the way for all to the heart of God. How he must have wept for joy at the grace Christ afforded him! No less separated, are we similarly affected? —S. McEachern

The veil was rent in an instant, revealing that holy place.
For on a hill nearby, on a rugged cross, justice met grace.—S. M.