Thursday, July 18, 2019

Judges 11:29-12:15; Isaiah 32:1-20; 1 Corinthians 10:14-11:1

Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep. Romans 12:15

To take pleasure in the success and accomplishments of others can require more grace than to share in the sadness of those who have failed or faced defeat. To rejoice in the blessing received by others means that we are not jealous or envious of them but are truly delighted for them. It is not to ask questions like, “Why them and not me?” or “Do they really deserve it?”. To be delighted with the success of others, when maybe we feel down or defeated, requires a deep work of God in our hearts and a genuine desire to respond in the same way as would the Lord. —Paul Young

But where the Lord has planted grace; and made His glories known;
There fruits of heavenly joy and peace, are found, and there alone.
—John Newton