August 18

DAILY READINGS: 1 Samuel 28:1-29:11; Isaiah 66:1-24; Romans 8:18-39

And Pharaoh hardened his heart at this time also, neither would he let the people go. Exodus 8:32, KJV

You may have heard the Gospel many times, but you keep hardening your heart and refusing to turn to Christ for salvation. Beware my friend. You never know when God will accept your decision as final and you will have had your last opportunity to be saved! Did He not say in Noah’s day, “My spirit shall not always strive with man” (Genesis 6:3, KJV)? Come today. Today is the day of salvation. —David Croudace

While God’s Spirit bids you come,
Sinner do not longer roam,
Lest you seal your hopeless doom,
Be in time. —Anonymous