November 5

DAILY READINGS: 1 Chron. 19:1-20:8; Ezek. 18:1-19:14; John 6:41-7:11

You must be born again. John 3:7, NKJV 

In many places it is now possible, by paying a special fee, to have your name or some other word on your automobile license plate. Recently I noticed AUSOM (awesome) and XQQ ME (excuse me). The one that struck me most, however, was H8FULL. What a commentary on the human heart—”hateful and hating one another” (Titus 3:3, NKJV). Only the new birth can change this condition. Have you been born again? —J. Funk

O ye who would enter that glorious rest,
And sing with the ransomed the song of the blest;
The life everlasting if ye would obtain,
Ye must be born again! —W. T. Sleeper