Saturday, November 9, 2019

1 Chronicles 26:1-27:34; Ezekiel 23; John 8:31-59

I do set my bow in the cloud. Genesis 9:13

The rainbow in the cloud was God’s personal pledge that the earth would no more perish by water (Gen. 9:13-15). However the day is coming when His Son will come in the clouds (Rev. 1:7) to receive His own for Himself. Will you be ready to go up in the clouds with Him then (1 Thess. 4:17)? —K. C. Ung

When He comes in the clouds descending, and they who loved Him here, From their graves shall awake and praise Him; with joy and not with fear; When the body and the soul are united, and clothed no more to die,
What a shouting there will be, when each other’s face we see,
Changed in the twinkling of an eye. —Fanny J. Crosby