January 2

DAILY READINGS: Gen. 2:4-25; Job 2:11-3:26; Matt. 2

Christ died for us. Romans 5:8, KJV

During a political revolution in a South American city, the bullets flew, and frightened bystanders ran for cover. Many fell wounded and dying in the city square. A lad ran for cover behind a large tree just as a bullet embedded itself in the trunk. When the firing ceased and all was safe, he dug the bullet out with his knife, and with deep gratitude carved in the scarred trunk, “God bless this tree.” The tree saved his life; and the death of Christ on Calvary’s tree can save your soul.
—Arnot P. McIntee

It was for me, yes, all for me, O Love of God, so great, so free;
O wondrous love, I’ll shout and sing,
He died for me, my Lord and King! —John M. Whyte