January 19

DAILY READINGS: Gen. 25; Job 31:1-40; Matt. 13:24-43

If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink. John 7:37

Souls of men have been thirsty ever since Adam turned his back on God. Thirsty for rest; thirsty for peace; thirsty for eternal life; thirsty for God. The greatest and the least; the wisest and the most simple; they all know this thirst. Here was a Man who dared to cry, “let him come unto Me and drink.” What wonderful words they are! Think of Him being able to quench the thirst of any man anywhere! How utterly stupendous. —Leonard Sheldrake

Come, ye thirsty, to the living waters,
Hungry, come and on His bounty feed;
Not thy fitness is the plea to bring Him,
But thy pressing, utmost need. —Eliza E. Hewitt