Lord’s Day, May 3, 2020

Numbers 14:1-45; Proverbs 11:1-31; 1 Peter 3:1-22

In his temple doth every one speak of his glory. Psalm 29:9b

In His temple everyone ought to speak of His glory but sometimes, we must confess, we don’t. Sometimes we think and speak of our own glory and this is to our shame. The theme in the temple should be “Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory” (Ps. 115:1). For the Lord deserves glory and strength. Our thoughts and actions should reflect the wonder, awe and glory that belong to Him. —Shane Johnson

To God be the glory, great things He hath done,
So loved He the world that He gave us His Son,
Who yielded His life an atonement for sin,
And opened the life-gate that all may go in. —Fanny Jane Crosby