Saturday, June 13, 2020

Deuteronomy 28:38-68; Amos 5:1-6:14; Luke 14:25-15:10

And David said…Gird ye on every man his sword…and David also girded on his sword. 1 Samuel 25:13

David urged his men to prepare for battle by taking up their swords. We too have a battle to fight, but the battle of the Christian warrior is not with the swords of men, but with “the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God” (Eph. 6:17). We recognize that it would have been suicidal for David to go into battle without a sword. Yet when it comes to our life, does our Bible remain for the most part on our desk or shelf? It needs to be in our hearts and in our hands. Do we carry it and use it daily? —Sam Thorpe, Jr.

This age of sin is almost o’ver, its horrors soon will cease,
The Son of God will soon appear, to reign in perfect peace. —M. T. Shelford