Lord’s Day, August 2, 2020

1 Samuel 6:1-7:17; Isaiah 48:1-22; 2 Corinthians 9:1-15

Come, for all things are now ready. Luke 14:17, NKJV

This verse is from the parable of the Great Banquet. Astonishingly, Jesus says that they all made excuses why they could not come. The invited guests were preoccupied with their property, their possessions and their relationships. That master became angry. We too have been invited to a feast, a sweet feast hosted by our dear Saviour. May we honour Him as He deserves with passionate worship as we feast on the rich lyrics of our hymns and embrace soul-satisfying truths from the Word. —M. MacMullen

God now brings thee to His dwelling
Spreads for thee His feast divine,
Bids thee welcome ever telling
What a portion there is thine. —J. D. Smith