Mission Statement

Since the early days almost 90 years ago when Gospel Folio Press was started in 1923, the Mission was to publish, print and distribute dependable Literature, Booklets, Books and Bible Study materials. We have expanded to include Bibles and excellent Books from other publishers that would be helpful and profitable for Christians throughout the world. Our objective has been and continues to be a source to supply excellent quality materials for the Lord’s people to encourage, teach and strengthen their walk with the Lord Jesus.

Gospel Folio Press Trust has been established and maintained to continue publishing, printing and distributing Christian Literature throughout the world. We are a non-profit operation and a registered charity to operate as a Christian Ministry supplying reliable Books and Bible Study materials to the Lord’s people. It is also our objective to donate materials to missionaries, outreach efforts, and those who need good Literature to support their ministries as the Lord provides the resources to do so.

Each year the Lord has enabled Gospel Folio Press Trust to continue to expand our Mission and support several Christian ministries in North America and other areas being reached with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus. Please pray with us as we continue to serve the Lord by serving His people.