Our Staff

Since the beginning when Gospel Folio Press started in 1923 it has operated with dedicated family members and friends. There have been many challenges, difficulities and victories, however the Lord has proved faithful.

The Lord always provided the right people for the different responsibilities at just the right time. It could include writing articles, editing text, proof-reading manuscripts, receiving orders, picking acceptable products, packing and shipping on a daily basis. Up until 2001, GFP maintained a printing shop which kept materials printed and in stock. This included Gospel tracts, Sunday school materials, booklets, and books. The warehouse and shipping staff would look after all the inventory and processing of shipments.

Customer service answered the phones, e-mails, and faxes. They were committed to providing a high level of service to the Christian family around the world. Since 2001, when we relocated to our present address in Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada we have maintained an excellent family of workers who are dedicated and committed to the Ministry. We continue to publish, stock, and distribute a large assortment of Christian literature to all different locations of the world. It is so rewarding to serve the Lord by serving His people.

Contact us at any time. We will do our best to supply the product you might be looking for, or to answer your inquiries. We always look forward to communicating with fellow believers in the Lord.

Members of the Gospel Folio Press family are friends for life. Over the years we have been honoured to employ some of the finest shipping and service professionals that could be asked for. Many are lifetime missionaries but, like many in missionary work, some are inevitably on their way to other places. The current staff and scores of others have contributed immensely to the survival and success of the our humble mission.

To our staff past and present… “For all that you have done, and all that you continue to do, to promote the success of Gospel Folio Press… Thank you for your honesty, thank you for your integrity, and thank you for caring.”