Year In Review

2017 Year In Review

Here at Gospel Folio Press, we are thankful for another busy year of printing and distributing great Christian material around the world!

Our book highlights this year were:

  • Reprinting One Day at a Time by William MacDonald
  • Reprinting Living Churches by John Williams 
  • Printing a new version of our beloved Choice Gleanings calendar, the Good News Edition!

Our highlights in the office were:

  • Chris working with us through the busy Christmas season
  • Stephanie returning to work after maternity leave
  • Sam stepping back into his managerial role

Please continue to pray for:

  • The board as they guide GFP
  • Day-to-day workings of GFP reflecting Christ


Toronto Easter Conference Book Tables


Gospel Folio Press believes in the ministry of the printed book. We believe in the ministry of the spoken word. We believe in the ministry of fellowship between believers.  When the three come together, you have a special thing. That is why we think conference book tables are a great thing, because all three can be together in one package.

Over the Easter Weekend, Gospel Folio Press has book displays at both the Toronto Assembly Conferences in Toronto East and Toronto West. To co-ordinate such an undertaking is a significant amount of work. From picking and packing to pricing, there are over 3,316 books and Bibles for the two displays. Attempting to discern relevant books to bring for the anticipated audience, trying to remember to bring specific books, and having a well-rounded, balanced selection are all unique tasks that have to be kept in consideration throughout the entire pre-conference planning stage.

A book display is both a physical labour effort, but it is also a spiritual endeavour. We are encouraged when someone picks up that strategically picked book, that you hoped the Lord would lead the right person to. I have been with Gospel Folio Press for 19 years, and there are some classic books, like “True Discipleship” by William MacDonald, that every time one sells, you are thankful to the Lord that they are receiving that message. But at a book table, there is always those three or four books that you have personally picked, and are watching, and when they sell, you know the Spirit is doing His spiritual work in both yourself, who was led to pull it off the shelf, and the person who is being led to buy it. That is always an affirmation that we are doing something profitable.

Our prayer is that the combined ministry of fellowship, spoken word, and printed page will work in the lives of the believers to help them grow, and continue growing in things of the Lord.

You can pray these same things for these book displays this weekend. Come visit us if you’d like at one of the following two locations:

Toronto Easter East Conference

Le Parc,
8432 Leslie Street,
Thornhill, ON L3T 7M6

Toronto Easter West Conference

Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School
2 St Andrews Blvd,
Toronto, ON