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our_fathers_told_B-1786Our Fathers Have Told Us (September 2015) – Biography

By: S. Beck

Our Fathers Have Told Us focuses on the lives of two gospel pioneers, Mr. and Mrs. L. K. McIlwaine, who displayed, in over fifty years of labour in Nova Scotia, their love to sinners and to their Lord. There were many tears and suffering, hardship and trials, all of which were counted as nought in their consuming zeal to see souls saved. An imperative command drove the stalwart pioneers on, even at the cost of self-abnegation: sinners must hear the gospel of salvation through Christ Jesus the Lord.

Mr. and Mrs. McIlwaine lived a life of single purpose. With sincerity and humility, they simply trusted God and sought to introduce Him to others. The great, reverential fear they held of God implied little fear of man; fiath in a faithful God implied lack of dependence upon others. Consequently, they lived life to the full, in joyful abandonment to the will of God. They felt the dearness of fellowship with Him, the contentment of being in His will, the thrill of seeing His hand, the blessing of feeling His presence. Caring not for the temporal things of earth, seeking to lose their life in the work of the gospel, they found the life that is worth living. In addition to carrying out a contented and purposeful existence on earth, they stored up eternal treasure to be enjoyed throughout eternity.

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Praise_Songs_B-5532Praise Songs of Israel (September 2015) – Devotional

By: Albert E. Horton

O Lord, our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth” Psalm 8:1a

The Psalms are actually poems, written by Hebrew poets many generations ago. There is a great deal of poetry in the Old Testament.

As we study such Psalms we gain some idea of the greatness and glory of our God. May the study of the Psalms help us as we go on meditating on these wonderful “Praise Songs!” May the Lord enable us all to be for His praise and for His pleasure! What a privilege is ours—to be enabled by Him to give Him pleasure! No creature of His could be given greater privilege!

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unless_you_repent_B-1070Unless You Repent (New Reprint) (August 2015) – Christian Living

By: H.A. Ironside

“It is especially timely that this book should be reprinted at this time. It deals with issues that are the subject of some misinformation and misunderstanding.Ironside’s clear and gracious handling of the much misunderstood doctrine of repentance comes as a breath of fresh air, dispelling the fog.” ~William MacDonald

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New books from 2014

2014 has seen a significant number of newly published book titles added to Gospel Folio Press’s inventory. GFP currently stocks over 7,000 book titles and our inventory is always growing. 

In addition to GFP’s own 17 new or reprinted titles (see this list here), we have added new books from publishers such as John Ritchie Media, Myrtlefield House, Scripture Teaching Library, Believer’s Bookshelf, Bible Truth Publishers, ECS Ministries, Precious Seed, and others. Here are some of the highlights of 2014:

The newest volume of the What the Bible Teaches commentary series became available from Ritchie Media in Autumn 2014. This exposition of 1 & 2 Samuel by T. Wilson examines God’s ways in the Old Testament. 

Hardcover copies are still available for a limited time only.

Browse our webstore department for other new 2014 titles from Ritchie Media.

Myrtlefield House, a newly established publisher in the UK, has recently undertaken the reprinting of all of David Gooding’s book titles (including those written in partnership with John Lennox).

Gospel Folio is working in partnership with Myrtlefield to keep these valuable titles available to North American customers. We currently carry 8 of these reprints and hope to stock the rest of Gooding’s as they become available in 2015.

Scripture Teaching Library is another new publisher, based in Northern Ireland, committed to publishing book titles that are faithful to the truth of God’s Word. 

GFP now lists 21 book titles from STL and we look forward to more quality Christian material coming from them in the new year.

Gospel Folio has carried book titles from Believer’s Bookshelf for many years. In 2014, we have been pleased to add several reprints and new titles to our inventory from this publisher.

As part of our webstore update this past year, we have also sought to provide updated images and book information about each of the books we carry from Believer’s Bookshelf.

Bible Truth Publishers is another long-time publisher whose book titles GFP supplies. Our customers will be familiar with the Gospel Wallet and Joyful News calendars published each year by Bible Truth Publishers.

We are pleased to carry their growing “Bible Talks” commentary series among many other titles.

ECS Ministries is likely well known for its excellent Bible study courses and materials. ECS is in the process of updating a number of courses and booklets with new covers and edited content. 

Browse our webstore department for Bible studies by Bible book or topic.

Precious Seed is a charity based in the UK which primarily publishes a magazine for the exhortation and edification of believers. The have also published several books as well as the well known Day by Day series.

Check out our brand new Precious Seed department at the webstore.

ECS Ministries Books available at GFP

Another of Gospel Folio’s book suppliers is ECS Ministries:

ECS Ministries exists to glorify God by providing doctrinally sound resources and structured study materials for the purpose of teaching people from every nation to know Jesus Christ as Savior and the live in a way that is consistent with God’s Word.”

Emmaus Bible School was originally founded in Toronto, Canada by Ed Harlow (the founder of Everyday Publications), John Smart, and Ernest Tatham in 1941. When the number of students wishing to attend the school grew significantly, correspondence courses were developed on the material being taught at the Bible School for those unable to attend. 

In 1949, William MacDonald began writing courses for the school and Cyril Brooks began broadcasting these courses over the radio and offering free courses to anyone who asked, opening the door to overseas ministry.

The correspondence ministry continued to grow and now provides Bible study courses for a variety of areas including Bible study, prison ministry, and evangelism. Emmaus Correspondence school became an independent organization in 2002. Nearly 20 million Emmaus courses have been distributed worldwide, bringing about the salvation and Christian growth of untold men and women. 

Gospel Folio Press carries the majority of ECS Ministries’ book titles for distribution. Please browse our Emmaus Correspondence Course department at the webstore to see our stock.

Precious Seed Books

Another publisher whose books we supply here at Gospel Folio Press is Precious Seed.

Precious Seed International is a UK registered charity which primarily publishes a magazine that encourages the study of the Scriptures and the practice of New Testament church principles.

Precious Seed has also published a number of books with the same goals in mind. The most popular item that GFP carries by Precious Seed is their Day by Day devotional series. Day by Day devotionals contain 365 daily reflections on Scripture. Each volume focuses on a specific area or topic of the Bible:

 Day by Day: Through the New Testament
 Day by Day: Through the Old Testament
 Day by Day: In the Psalms
 Day by Day: In Prayer
 Day by Day: Moments with the Master
 Day by Day: Christ Foreshadowed
 Day by Day: Bible Promises
 Day by Day: Divine Titles
 Day by Day: Bible Commands
 Day by Day: With Bible Characters
 Day by Day: Paradise to the Promised Land
 Day by Day: Pictures and Parables
 Day by Day: Bible Questions
 Day by Day: Christ and His Apostles

Precious Seed also has a children’s version of the Day by Day devotional called Stepping Stones.

Myrtlefield House Books

Gospel Folio Press is a non-profit operation seeking to supply reliable books and Bible study material to believers around the world. We carry book titles from numerous worldwide Christian book suppliers.

A recently established publisher in the United Kingdom with whom we are now in partnership is Myrtlefield House (the publishing imprint of Myrtlefield Trust). Myrtlefield’s main objective is “to promote and disseminate in all parts of the world the truths and doctrines of the Christian Faith for the building up of local churches and individuals as God fulfills His mission through them.” 

Myrtlefield House is currently undertaking the reprinting of David Gooding and John Lennox’s book titles. All of these reprints will be available through Gospel Folio Press as they are completed. 

Keep an eye on our weekly emails and daily Facebook posts for the release of newer Myrtlefield House titles.

Titles currently available:

According to Luke
An Unshakeable Kingdom
The Definition of Christianity
In the School of Christ
Key Bible Concepts
The Riches of Divine Wisdom
True to the Faith

Everyday Publications Inc Books

Did you know that Gospel Folio Press carries all of Everyday Publications Inc.’s book titles for sale in North America?

Everyday Publications Inc (EPI) is a non-profit organization which was founded in 1964 by Dr. R.E. Harlow and his wife, Gertrud. It began as a small publishing work to help provide Bible study materials for believers in Africa. 

While serving in as missionaries in Africa in the 1940’s and ’50’s, the Harlows noted the desperate need for Bible study materials for the less educated believers in Africa. Most natives did not have the depth of English language proficiency required to understand the academic level Bible study material that existed at that time. Dr. Harlow, co-founder of Emmaus Bible School as well as the Emmaus Correspondence Courses, soon adopted a method of writing called Everyday English. It was based on the concept of short, uncluttered sentences which were easier to understand and very translatable. A complete set of commentaries on the Bible now exists in Everyday English.

Translation work has also become a large part of EPI as books originally written in Everyday English have been translated into other languages for new believers. EPI, now based in Port Colborne, ON, CA, prints many books in French, Portugese, Spanish and Swahili.

Gospel Folio Press  is pleased to be able to help distribute EPI’s books to those who can benefit from their solid Bible study material. All of EPI’s English titles are available for order from Gospel Folio Press as well as some of their Spanish titles too. A handful of their titles include: