2021 Gospel Wallet FRENCH


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SKU: BTP3497
Pages: 2 Sides
Binding: Glossy Double-Sided Card
Publisher: Bible Truth Publishers
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1. Economical

Ideal for the broad evangelization of your neighborhood. For only a few pennies each, it’s easy to share hundreds.

2. Accepted Year-Round

We’ve found that these little cards have an excellent rate of acceptance throughout the year. Some of us give them out until August or September. We know of at least one recipient who carried several years’ worth in his wallet. They are surprisingly useful and very few people receive them free any more so they are often pleased to receive one.

3. Clear Verses Form a Clear Message

You may have noticed the carefully chosen gospel verses in the images to the left. The message covers many aspects of the work of salvation.

4. Convenient to Carry

I always carry one in my wallet and end up giving it away during the year when my other ones run out. They fit nicely in a purse, wallet, or glove compartment, and, while not indestructable, are quite durable.


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