A Woman God’s Spirit Can Guide


What does it mean to be a woman God’s Spirit can guide?

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Author: Alice Mathews
Pages: 219
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Discovery House from Our Daily Bread Ministries
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Fixing her eyes on the tiny hole, Dorcas threaded a needle and began weaving it in and out of the fabric she held in her hand. She was a woman with a passion for those in need; a woman on a mission to make and deliver clothing to the poor and widowed. And more important than anything else-she was a woman fulfilling God’s will for her life by using the skills and resources she had.

A Woman God’s Spirit Can Guide examines the lives of Dorcas, Lydia, Phoebe, and other women in the New Testament. In their stories, you’ll see how the Holy Spirit led each one in various ways based on her abilities and gifts. Reflect on what God has called you to do as you dig deep into the lives of these women who committed their gifts and talents to the Lord. Discover how God’s Spirit can work in in your own life to help you make wise choices and accomplish His will.


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