A Young Man Called Timothy


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Author: N. Simon
Pages: 86
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Bible Truth Publishers
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Lessons and encouragement from the life of Timothy

A Young Man Called Timothy draws out personal lessons from Timothy’s life rather than attempting to be a new commentary on Paul’s epistles to Timothy. The Bible is full of characters. The lives of some are given in detail, whereas a single verse may be all that we have for others. Timothy, however, is one who falls somewhere in between. His life is incidental to the overall narrative, but we learn enough to gain a personal glimpse of what Timothy was life. Like all biblical characters (with the lone exception of that one Perfect Man, Jesus), Timothy had his flaws; but it is because of them, and not in spite of them, that we are drawn to him. Biblical characters are mirrors (James 1:23); we see ourselves in them. And because of this, the trials they endured, the lessons they learned, and the encouragement they gained, are all readily accessible to us-we can relate to them.


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