Abide In Christ


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Author: Murray, Andrew
ISBN-13: 9780883688601
Pages: 255
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Whitaker House
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So many Christians, instead of accepting God’s invitation to enter His throne room, stand alone outside the door, uncertain and ashamed. Christ beckons them to His banqueting table and offers them a room in His house, but they foolishly give up the glory of the life He has offered. They come to Jesus as Redeemer but never go beyond the doorway to abide in Him and experience the unspeakable joy of dwelling with the King of Kings. Andrew Murray knew what it meant to be continually in the Father’s presence. Read these thirty-one heart-searching readings and learn how to live daily in closer communion and fellowship with Him. Accept God’s invitation and live in His blessing and glory instead of shuffling your feet at the gate.

1. All You Who Have Come to Him
2. And You Shall Find Rest to Your Souls
3. Trusting Him to Keep You
4. As the Branch in the Vine
5. As You Came to Him, by Faith
6. God Himself Has United You to Him
7. As Your Wisdom
8. As Your Righteousness
9. As Your Sanctification
10. As Your Redemption
11. The Crucified One
12. God Himself Will Establish You in Him
13. Every Moment
14. Day by Day
15. At This Moment
16. Forsaking All for Him
17. Through the Holy Spirit
18. In Stillness of Soul
19. In Affliction and Trial
20. That You May Bear Much Fruit
21. So You Will Have Power in Prayer
22. And in His Love
23. As Christ in the Father
24. Obeying His Commandments
25. That Your Joy May Be Full
26. And in Love to Fellow Believers
27. That You May Not Sin
28. As Your Strength
29. And Not in Self
30. As the Surety of the Covenant
31. The Glorified One
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