Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph


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Author: J. G. Bellett
Pages: 293
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Believers Bookshelf Inc USA
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From the Book the Patriarchs

This book “Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph” is taken from the book “The Patriarchs”, one of the best known books written by J. G. Bellett.

The name of John Gifford Bellett will always be cherished by those knowing the unction of his ministry from the products of his pen. He was born in Dublin, in 1795.

Bellett’s public ministry, as described by one who had the privilege of enjoying it during his residence at Bath, was that of one who “talked poetry,” so sweet and chaste were the sentiment and expression.

J. G. Bellett’s influence was all exerted in the direction of minimizing alienation, and fulfilling the injunction, “be at peace among yourselves.” (Hy. Pickering)

Companion to Enoch and Noah by J. G. Bellett


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