All the Apostles of the Bible


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Author: Lockyer, Herbert W.
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All the Apostles of the Bible
By: Herbert Lockyer

Powerful lessons from the men Jesus chose and the message they proclaimed.

All the Apostles of the Bible sheds light on the lives, times, and ministries of the men God chose to declare his message to the world. It includes the twelve apostles of Jesus, Jesus himself as the “Chief Apostle,” Paul, and lesser-known men such as James the Lord’s brother, Matthias, Andronicus, Barnabas, Epaphroditus, Silas, Timothy, Junias, and Apollos. Dr. Herbert Lockyer examines the biblical record to uncover fascinating truths about each apostle’s family, character, personality, ministry, the unique aspect of his service to God, and his call into the ministry.

Herbert W. Lockyer’s “All” books give you life-enriching insights into the Bible. From characters you can learn from, to teachings you can apply, to promises you can stand on and prophecies you can count on, Lockyer’s time-honored works help you wrap your mind around the Bible and get it into your heart.


Dr. Herbert Lockyer was born in London in 1886, and held pastorates in Scotland and England for 25 years before coming to the United States in 1935. In 1937 he received the honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Northwestern Evangelical Seminary. In 1955 he returned to England where he lived for many years. He then returned to the United States where he continued to devote time to the writing ministry until his death in November of 1984.


ISBN-13: 9780310280118
ISBN: 0310280117
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Author: Lockyer, Herbert W.