All the Divine Names and Titles


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Author: Lockyer, Herbert
ISBN-13: 9780310280415
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All the Divine Names and Titles in the Bible
By: Herbert Lockyer

In this exhaustive study – a unique classification of all the Scripture designations of the three persons of the Trinity – you’ll become acutely aware that the riches of God’s self-revelation are inexhaustible.  Each name reveals some new facet of the infinite being of God and demonstrates the progressive manner in which he reveals himself.

As you gain a better appreciation of God’s character and works through Herbert Lockyer’s discussions of the different names of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, you’ll find your soul responding to the truths they reveal.  You’ll be inspired to greater praise and trust, you’ll obtain comfort and courage, and you’ll find a new desire and boldness to witness to the good news of salvation through Christ.

Herbert W. Lockyer’s “All” books give you life-enriching insights into the Bible.  From characters you an learn from, to teachings you can stand on and prophecies you can count on, Lockyer’s time-honoured works help you wrap your mind around the Bible and get it into your heart.

ISBN-13: 9780310280415
ISBN-10: 0310280419
Size: 6.0″ x 9.25″
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 360
Publisher: Zondervan (1988)
Author: Lockyer, Herbert


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