And God Said Science Confirms the Authority of the Bible


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Author: Dr. Farid Abou-Rahme
Pages: 134
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: John Ritchie Ltd Christian Publications
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This book has been written with great clarity and conviction to show that the facts of science do not support the popular theory of Evolution, but rather support the account of Creation given in the Bible.

The book is in four parts: Science and the Bible; Creation or Evolution; Evidence for the Flood and Noah’s Ark; Written That You Might Believe.

In these we are shown what it is that fossils, mutations, dinosaurs, and radioactive dating really have to tell us, and how the great Flood and its effect explain so much of earth’s history. In addition we are frequently challenged as to our faith, and our faithfulness to the Lord and His revealed will.

And God Said… is a book which will “give an answer” to diligent enquirers and to vociferous critics alike. The view that science and the Bible are in contradiction is one that is without sound basis.


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