Ask in My Name


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Author: Harlow, G.I.
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Ask in My Name
By: Gertrud I. Harlow

The first act of a new believer is usually prayer: confessing, asking, receiving, trusting. Yet the greatest saint may well be the Christian who knows how to pray.

The author of Ask In My Name prays that you too may learn really to pray.

Gertrud (Koppel) Harlow was a missionary for 14 years in the Belgian Congo, involved primarily in literature and translation work before her marriage to Dr. Harlow. She still continues in the work with revisions to Swahili materials as well as typesetting new French titles. She works from her home office at Park of the Palms, Florida.

ISBN-13: 9780919586314
ISBN: 0919586317
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Author: Harlow, G.I.


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