Baker Commentary on the Bible (NIV)


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Author: Elwell, Walter
ISBN-13: 9780801022548


Baker Commentary on the Bible
Editor: Walter Elwell

The Baker Commentary on the Bible offers an insightful commentary on the entire Bible, based on the New International Version (NIV). With its extensive introductions to each book of the Bible, and its comments, outlines, and discussions of key biblical doctrines, this one-volume commentary will prove invaluable to all Christian learners. With insightful commentary from thirty-eight evangelical scholars like Walter Elwell, Tremper Longman, Douglas Moo, and others, this volume admirably succeeds in helping “the average reader of the Bible understand what the text says.”

Preaching magazine calls this commentary “a solid contribution to the field…preachers looking for a contemporary one-volume biblical commentary will greet the Baker Commentary on the Bible with enthusiasm.” Bookstore Journal calls it “well-designed and readable” and the Baptist Standard calls it “worthy of serious study.”

Overview of the Baker Commentary on the Bible:

*Theologically conservative (Evangelical)
*Based on the New International Version (NIV)
*Non-technical (knowledge of Greek and Hebrew is not necessary–original languages are transliterated)
*A section-by-section commentary on the entire Bible
*Uses time lines and maps to illustrate the text
*Offers applications for spiritual and personal guidance for contemporary readers
*Provides a reliable and readable interpretation of even difficult passages

ISBN-13: 9780801022548
ISBN: 0801022541
Binding: Hardcover
Book Size: 7.25×10.25″
Category: Commentary
Page Count: 1238
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group (2001)
Weight: 4.0 lbs
Editor: Elwell, Walter


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