Baptism: Should I Obey It?


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Author: Philip, Joe S
ISBN-13: 9781926765006
Pages: 66
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press (2010)
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Find the real meaning of baptism as taught and practiced in the Scriptures in this exciting book Baptism: Should I Obey It? This book will go into details of believer’s baptism – its spiritual meaning, the mode of observance, the candidacy for baptism, the authority for baptism, The Scriptural evidences for baptism, and its relevance in the Christian life. It will open your spiritual insights into the significance of a simple ordinance such as baptism, and thereby convince you of how committed and devoted your life should be towards God through the daily surrendering of your whole self for Christ to live in you.

The symbolism involved in baptism is confusing to many. It is amazing to witness the different ways baptism is administered and the purposes for which it is administered throughout Christendom, where a very simple ordinance like believer’s baptism has evolved into such a complex and extensive ceremony. Often, its symbolic and spiritual meaning has been adulterated into a doctrine of its own. This study will take you right to the source of baptism, which is the Bible, and lay down the biblical pattern for obeying believer’s baptism.

1. Different Types of Baptism
2. What Is A Believer’s Baptism?
3. The Authority For Baptism
4. Biblical Evidences For Believer’s Baptism
5. Why Should I Obey Believer’s Baptism?
6. What Is Infant Baptism?