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Author: Geisler, Norman & House, H. Wa
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The Battle for God: Responding to the Challenge of Neotheism
By: Norman Geisler & Wayne House

What does God know?
When does God know what He knows?
What can God do about it?

God’s understanding, power, and wisdom are at issue in the first consequential theological debate of the twenty-first century. Neotheism, also known by such names as the “openness of God” theology, argues for a limited Creator and Sustainer. He can only guess what the free-willed human beings will do. Sometimes He guesses wrong and must undo the damage.

The Battle for God reminds us how far such a view of God diverges from the traditional understanding of God described in the Bible and also the Triune Being confessed by church fathers through the Reformation. Norman L. Geisler, H. Wayne House, and Max Herrera describe nothing less than a contest to set the course for all of Christian faith, with vast ramifications for the future understanding of God’s essential attributes – His omniscience, omnipotence, eternality, simplicity, and sovereignty.

Here is a clear and unambiguous refutation of arguments in recent writings by the three central neotheists: Greg Boyd, Clark Pinnock, and John Sanders. But more than simply a negative attack on those who propose to redefine God, the authors present a systematic confession of the attributes – what they mean, why we can take confidence as Christians in the God they describe, and why the battle for God is well worth fighting.

ISBN-13: 9780825427350
ISBN: 082542735
Size: 5.5″ X 8.5″
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 256
Publisher: Kregel Publications (2001)
Author: Geisler, Norman L. & House, H. Wayne


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