Be Angry and Sin Not


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SKU: 9781897117057
Author: Henderson, Warren
ISBN-13: 9781897117057
Pages: 118
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press (2005)
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From Scripture, we will learn of God’s holy anger, then commence upon the difficult task of aligning our selfish anger and unrighteous behavior with His righteousness. This task will require each of us to honestly evaluate our angry tendencies, to remove internal conditions that frequently induce angry feelings, and to learn techniques to mange our anger in a God-honoring way. If you struggle with mismanaging anger, this book will guide you into better self-control.

Be Angry And Sin Not tackles such questions as:

  • Why am I angry?
  • Should I be angry?
  • How do I control my angry feelings?
  • How can my anger benefit others and serve God?