Be Holy and Come Near: A Devotional Study of Leviticus


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Author: Warren Henderson
Pages: 260
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Warren A. Henderson
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In Exodus, God’s covenant people had been redeemed by the blood of the Passover lamb and delivered from both bondage and Egypt. The book of Leviticus then reveals two central truths concerning Jehovah’s new beginning with His people: they were permitted to come near to worship Him through blood atonement and they must be a holy people, for their God is holy. The first Hebrew word of the Leviticus text is qara’, which means “to call out”, clearly introduces us to the theme of the book: Jehovah is calling His people to come near to Him, but they must be cleansed from defilement to do so (Lev. 20:26).

Leviticus shows us that holiness has two main components: our separation from sin and our commitment to the glory of God. As the Gentiles were never under the Law, a Gentile believer living in the Church Age might well ask, “What practical value is there in studying the Jewish offerings, social regulations, and feasts recorded in Leviticus?”

The real benefit of understanding Leviticus is to grow in our appreciation of Christ whose person and work are symbolized in these various facets. This knowledge should then prompt believers to desire to live a holy and consecrated life for God. Like the Jews of old, Christians today have the responsibility to be holy and the privilege of communing with a holy God.