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Author: Martin, Alfred
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Biblical Stewardship
An Emmaus Study Course
By: Alfred Martin

Do you know what stewardship encompasses? Does it deal only with your personal possessions? Are you aware that biblical stewardship includes much more than money issues?

Biblical stewardship is a whole-life responsibility. Alfred Martin begins his book by presenting creation as the basis of God’s ownership. He goes on to show that stewardship is a lifestyle involving the effective use of body, mind, time, speech, and action as well as money.

This book will challenge your thinking. It will help you see that stewardship is not an option for the believer but a responsibility. And it will guide you in setting priorities that will help you become a good steward of the manifold grace of God.

Chapters include:
God’s Ownership through Creation
The Meaning of Stewardship
Legal Obligation and Grace Giving
The First Essential in Giving
The Extent of Christ’s Grace
The Results of Christ’s Poverty
The Christian’s Willing Mind
Money-for Self or for God?
Stewardship of Body and Mind
Stewardship of Time, Speech, and Action

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ISBN-13: 9781593870409
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