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Author: Heading, John
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The Book Of Daniel: The Man, the Interpreter, the Prophet  
By: John Heading


The book of Daniel is fundamental to any understanding of prophecy, and therefore of Scripture as a whole. The succession of the four mighty empires, and the seventy weeks of years, were revelations entrusted to this prophet by the omniscient God. Certainly much of the New Testament, and especially the book of Revelation, would be inexplicable without the background of Daniel.

Professor John Heading in this volume explains in his usual lucid manner the meaning of the visions given to Daniel. He gives meticulous attention to details, such as you would expect from a university teacher of mathematics, which he was. 

His main joy was in the Word of God. These notes prepared for his weekly Bible class for students were rewritten in literary style for publication in book form. 



ISBN-13: 9781884838149
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Author: Heading, John