Browns Dictionary of Bible Characters


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Author: Brown, John; Brown, Geoffrey
ISBN-13: 9781845502669
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Brown’s Dictionary of Bible Characters
Author: Dr. John Brown

Brown was above all, a bible theologian, so this volume is eminently Christ-centered, making it a useful resource for gospel preacher’s. He has gathered all the significant Bible names, giving salient facts, and providing many provocative thoughts by way of application. The range of characters is vast, and sometimes surprising. Jesus obviously, is not missing but neither are characters like the anitchrist.

Once you start to dig into these pages you will discover spark and fire – names previously skipped over develop special relevance. Brown’s work demonstrates that we can miss priceless information that could make our knowledge of God’s grace in redemption so much more vibrant.

John Brown (1722-1787) first produced his Bible Dictionary in 1769. Two further editions in his lifetime remained in print for 100 years, until 1869. Geoffrey Stonier has taken all of Brown’s references to individuals from his dictionary to produce a new volume – Brown’s Dictionary of Bible Characters.

ISBN-13: 9781845502669
ISBN: 1845502663
Category: Reference
Publisher: Christian Heritage (2007)
Binding: Hardcover   
Size (inches): 8.65 x 5.5
Pages: 596
Author:  Brown, John


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