Building Stones: In The Bible Day by Day (Children’s Daily Devotional)


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Author: Precious Seed
ISBN-13: 9781871642742
Binding: Flex Laminate
Publisher: Precious Seed
Format: Ages 9 - 13
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A great gift for ages 9 – 13!

All Christians should do one very important thing, and that is to read the Bible every day. God does not speak from heaven with a loud voice any more, though He used to do that in Bible times. Nor do we usually hear His voice speaking to us in our ears. Instead, He speaks to us in our hearts and one of the best ways of letting Him do this is by reading His words and thoughts in the Bible. As we read it everyday, we will get to know the things we should do as Christians, as well as the things we should not do. God will use the Bible to teach us, advise us, correct us, encourage us and make us stronger Christians.

This book has been written to help you, as a young Christian, to read the Bible every day in one year. Each day has its own page, and on that page you will find you are directed to read some words from the Bible. When you have read them, there will be a little explanation of those words, or a story about them on the same page, followed by a suggestion of how you could pray about that reading. There are some lovely drawings in the book, prepared by my good friend Honor, which I know will often bring a smile to your face.

This book is a follow-up to the book Stepping Stones. It is not quite the same as Stepping Stones, which took stories in the Bible from the beginning to the end, from Genesis to Revelation. The readings in this book are randomly arranged, but you will also find several series of readings during the year, such as a series on the Ten Commandments, the cross of Jesus, and children in the Bible. This book is designed to help you build Christian character. Do try to get into the habit of reading the Bible every day. This book and the first one, Stepping Stones, will help you do that.