CD Day and Night


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Author: Parks, Alan
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CD – Day and Night
By: Alan Parks

“It truly has been a wonderful journey, these thirty-three years since I first stood in front of an audience to sing. And now, after millions of miles, through several dozen countries, and having spoken or sung to thousands of audiences, I realize that I am a man most blessed.

“Whenever I review these “journeyings-often,” I can recall the places. . . but then I inevitably reflect on the people. My life has been a tapestry woven with treasured relationships. Your words of encouragement and smiles of welcome live with me, and carry me through the lonely miles. This album is for you-by your request. You have asked me repeatedly- every time I come to town- if I’ve recorded this song or that one yet. You have been patient, yet persistent! And so, finally, here they are. I pray they’ll bless your heart.” ~Alan Parks

Track Listing:
1. My Redeemer
2. Leaving On My Mind
3. Day and Night
4. Unworthy
5. The Prodigal Son
6. Through It All
7. Look For Me
8. Go Ask
9. His Hand in Mine
10. My Saviour First Of All

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Author: Parks, Alan