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Author: Nicholson, J. Boyd
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For Him: Selections from “The Watered Garden” on Audio CD
Volume 1
As Read By: J. Boyd Nicholson

If you had been privileged to sit under the spoken ministry of Boyd Nicholson, you could almost hear his voice when you were reading his written ministry.

But shortly before the Lord took him Home, he recorded 39 selections from his much-loved book, The Watered Garden.

On this CD you can hear 13 of those essays and poems as they ought to be read, with his soothing, melodious Scottish burr.

When you hear him read them, you can almost  see his twinkling eyes and glowing face. As he speaks of God and heaven and his Saviour, may we not only hear his voice but hear His voice as well.

“And the LORD shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought… and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not.” ~Isaiah 58:11


THE GARDEN AND THE SPRING: A story set in a lush garden just off an Indian thoroughfare. How we also can become watered gardens.

SO RICH A CROWN: A breathtaking description of the journey of the Lord Jesus to be our Saviour and His corresponding exaltation.

FOR HIM: An unusual poem that first traces what the Lord has done for us, and then asks: What does He want from me?

THE GOLDEN LOCK OF HAIR: The death of a little girl and her parent’s differing responses: A moving story and a surprise ending.

INCREDIBLE!: Based on Acts 26:8, the author tells the story of an atheist’s sealed grave and God’s power to break such seals.

THE NAME OF JESUS: Our hearts are drawn to the Man with earth’s greatest name. Who will take that name to those who haven’t heard?

GOD IS FAITHFUL: Recalling his childhood, the author wonders: Are we providing our children with memories of God’s faithfulness?

THE TREASURE IN EARTHEN VESSELS: A poem contrasting the glorious angels and humble saints – but who can carry the evangel?

AUTUMN GLORY: A pen portrait of the author’s father-in-law and the secret formula that gave him true lifelong contentment.

THE WINTER IS PAST: Look through his study window as the writer describes coming spring, then links it with Song of Songs 2:10-13.

FELLOWSHIP WITH GOD: Is walking with God “some dreamer’s dream”? How can I do it? Is it “too late to join that holy band’?

THE WASTED YEARS: A word to those who started well but have become discouraged. There is hope for you! Bible examples.

AND OTHERS: A graphic poem that describes the “others” in Hebrews 11. Concludes with encouragement for suffering saints.

J. Boyd Nicholson was born into a Christian home in the town of Blantyre, Scotland on July 14, 1922.  At the age of 17, his grandfather and hero, (also named John Boyd Nicholson) died. Boyd was deeply shaken by this event because he realized that were he the one dying, he would not be able to truthfully say that. This led to a clear conviction of his need for a Saviour and he placed his trust in the finished work of Christ, receiving the gift of eternal life in the Lord Jesus. During World War II, he qualified as a pilot in the Royal Air Force, taking some of his training in Canada. It was during this time that he met Bernice (nee Robertson) who in 1947 would become his beloved wife.  Following the war, Boyd and his parents moved to Canada. Over the years, Boyd was a long-time writer and editor for Christian periodicals (including Food for the Flock, Counsel and Uplook). After a month-long illness, he passed into the Lord’s presence on Sunday, November 12, 2000.


ISBN-13: 9781882701704
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press
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Author: Nicholosn, J. Boyd


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