CD Watered Garden: Look Up V.2


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Author: Nicholson, J. Boyd


Look Up: Selections from “The Watered Garden” on Audio CD
Volume 2
As Read By: J. Boyd Nicholson

The timely recording of these 13 selections by Boyd Nicholson from his much appreciated book, The Watered Garden, remind us of the adage, “you can never do a good thing too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late.”

So we have been left with more than memories from the ministry of this servant of God.

Captured on his CD are both heart-warming essays and Christ-exalting poems from the pen- and in the voice – of the author.

These audio meditations are marked by fervent calls to faithfulness, visions of Christ and thoughts of Home. Savour them one at a time. They will do your heart good.


REMEMBER, REFLECT, RESOLVE: A story from the author’s childhood. A childish prank leads to his mother’s pain – and a poignant lesson.

CIRCUMSTANCE: “Circumstance” means what “stand around” us. These forces touch us all. But how do we respond to them?

FOLLOW ME: A visit to the San Luis Valley in Colorado and a powerful lesson from  an old shepherd and a little lamb.

INFLUENZA: According to this essay, we all have the flu – and is it ever contagious! Be careful of spreading it. Bible illustrations.

THERE IS A FRIEND: Using Proverbs 18:24 as his theme, the poet describes what it means to have such a Friend in life’s changes.

PAIN!: We live in a world that suffers the ravages of a civil war with God. But One came to bear pain like no other and set us free.

THEE OR ME?: A profound poem that describes the believer’s struggle between good thing and the enjoyment of God Himself.

THE RISK OF REST: Visiting an old saint, the author was asked to read Psalm 23. Then she stopped him. Something was wrong!

WHY?: Obviously born out of his own experience, the poet asks the perennial question of those perplexed by the tragedies of life.

WHO CARES?: See a beggar by the side of the road. Then watch at crowd swarm a shopping mall. What do they have in common?

LOOK UP: Abraham, the man with the uplifted eyes, has a great lesson to teach us about where the answers to life’s quandaries are.

EMERGENCY!: You know the poet  has been there when you read about this hospital scene. What to do when the enemy attacks.

EVERY TONGUE CONFESS: You will praise our God when you hear the heart-moving account of a tragic child whom Love rescued.


J. Boyd Nicholson was born into a Christian home in the town of Blantyre, Scotland on July 14, 1922.  At the age of 17, his grandfather and hero, (also named John Boyd Nicholson) died. Boyd was deeply shaken by this event because he realized that were he the one dying, he would not be able to truthfully say that. This led to a clear conviction of his need for a Saviour and he placed his trust in the finished work of Christ, receiving the gift of eternal life in the Lord Jesus. During World War II, he qualified as a pilot in the Royal Air Force, taking some of his training in Canada. It was during this time that he met Bernice (nee Robertson) who in 1947 would become his beloved wife.  Following the war, Boyd and his parents moved to Canada. Over the years, Boyd was a long-time writer and editor for Christian periodicals (including Food for the Flock, Counsel and Uplook). After a month-long illness, he passed into the Lord’s presence on Sunday, November 12, 2000.


ISBN-13: 9781882701711
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press
Format: Audio CD
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Total Playing Time: 51:45
Author: Nicholosn, J. Boyd


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