CD Loved: Selections from “The Watered Garden” (Volume 3)


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Author: Nicholson, J. Boyd
ISBN-13: 9781882701728
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press
Format: Audio CD
Running Time: 51:19
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Although B. Nicholson Sr. travelled the globe, three countries meant a great deal to him. Canada, the land of his adoption, was to him the cause of much thanksgiving.

He thought people who hadn’t seen other lands could hardly appreciate the rich blessings we had.

Scotland, the land of his birth, was never far from his thought. You could hear it in his lilting speech, his stories and expressions. 

But heaven was his true “Hameland” and you didn’t know him long before he found a way to turn your thoughts in that direction.

He’s there now. But through these selections from The Watered Garden, he still lifts our thoughts heavenward. Enjoy the journey.


THE BEGINNING OF BLESSING: There are some good reasons why the leaves fall before the winter storms. Understanding life’s order.

LOVED: John 15:9 has to be one of the most remarkable verses in the Bible. This poem describes a conversation between Father and child.

FAILURE IS NOT FINAL: When you feel that failure has put you on the shelf, spend a little while with John Mark.

NEVERTHELESS AFTERWARD: Life brings a real sorrows. And many answers will not be found down here. Nevertheless afterward…

THE GRIEF, THE GRAVE & THE GLORY: Take the journey to Bethany and meet the Man sho shows the link between grief and glory.

THE LORD LED ME: Some “signs” that we use to determine God’s will may not be from heaven at all. But God does give guidance.

THINK NOT: Clear thinking about God’s gracious dealings with his people. Does he care? See our tears? Know our fears? Yes!

ELBOWS & EYELIDS: This stranger title leads you into a vast array for God’s good things – in creation, in circumstances, and in Christ.

FRUITFUL DAYS: Do we think that “the autumn of life” is the time to retire? Just look at autumn! It is the time for the richest harvest.

HEARTACHES: The author was not a doctor, but after hearing this, you will feel you’ve had a heart exam – and are the better for it.

GOD OUR SAVIOUR: Few poems are both mind-stretching and heart warming. This one will make you think and feel!

IF ONLY: In the believer’s grave often lie dreams unfulfilled, joys untasted, service unfinished. But that isn’t the end of the story.

WHO BLEW THE TRUMPET?: Jonathon captured the garrison but someone else got the credit. Sound familiar? A great lesson here.