Chart: Tabernacle Cut Away (Laminated)


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Binding: Laminated
Publisher: Rose Publishing
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This new Tabernacle Cutaway wall chart was created exclusively for Rose Publishing by renowned Bible artist Stan Stein. It provides you with an inside look at the:

High Priest and His Garments
Gate of the Court
Court Fence Brazen Altar
Laver of Bronze Tabernacle Tent
Holy Place Golden Lampstand
Table of Showbread Altar of Incense
Veil Most Holy Place
Ark of the Covenant Mercy Seat
Golden Censer
Cloud and the Pillar of Fire
Offerings (burnt offering, grain offering, peace offering, sin offering, and trespass offering)

Each part is identified by a number and is explained on a reproducible worksheet on the back of the chart. Descriptions of each item include scripture references.